Corentin Colluste is a French composer, musician, actor and author.

A self-taught composer, he graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière in 2009, after three years of sound-engineering studies. This gave him a dozen opportunities to compose music for short films. Passionate about creations that approach music as a real narrative element, he develops his writing within theatre companies, such as the Groupe Ubürik, the Fugaces, Furiosa, or the Petit Théâtre Dakôté.

He plays several instruments (piano, keyboards, guitars, bass, percussions, accordion, etc.) and performs in solo concerts with French songs he wrote. He also find his way as an author and an actor, notably with the shows Bons Baisers de Bergame or Les Portraits Dérobés, in which he tries to combine theatre and music codes.

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